Archive service

The Archive (ARC) service provides the interface used to configure connections to external archival storage such as the cloud through the S3 API or tape through TSM middleware. The ARC service is found on Archive Nodes.

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screenshot showing ARC service and its components in the grid topology tree

View information about replication activities for the Archive Node.

Reset replication failure counts.

Disable inbound and outbound replications.


View information about the object data written to the targeted archival storage system.

Reset the failure count.

Take the Store component offline (TSM middleware only).

Disable the store components of the ARC service at startup (TSM middleware only).


View the status of objects requested from the Archive Node.

Reset the request and verification failure counts.

Configure the retrieval state to online or offline (TSM middleware only).


Select the targeted type of archival storage system, tape through TSM middleware or the cloud through the S3 API.

View information about the targeted archival storage system.

Configure connection information used to connect to archival storage system.

Take an Archive Node offline (TSM middleware only).

Optimize the Archive Node for a Storage Node rebuild, read-only mode, or when the Archive Node is full (TSM middleware only).