Monitoring object verification operations

The StorageGRID Webscale system can verify the integrity of object data on Storage Nodes using background and foreground verification.

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About this task

There are two verification processes: background verification and foreground verification. They work together to ensure data integrity. Background verification runs automatically, continuously checking the correctness of object data. Foreground verification can triggered by a user to more quickly verify the existence (although not the correctness) of object data.

Background verification automatically and continuously checks all Storage Nodes to determine if there are corrupt copies of replicated and erasure coded object data. If problems are found, the StorageGRID Webscale system automatically attempts to replace the corrupt object data from copies stored elsewhere in the system. Background verification does not run on Archive Nodes.

The foreground verification process allows you to verify the existence of replicated and erasure coded object data on a specific Storage Node, checking that each object that is expected to be present is there. You can run foreground verification on all or some of a Storage Node's object stores to help determine if there are integrity problems with a storage device. Large numbers of missing objects might indicate that there is an issue with storage.

The LDR > Verification and LDR > Erasure Coding pages enable you to review results from background and foreground verifications, such as corrupt or missing objects detected. You should investigate any instances of corrupt or missing object data immediately, to determine the root cause.


  1. Select Grid.
  2. To check the verification results:
    • To check replicated object data verification, select Storage Node > LDR > Verification > Overview > Main.
      screenshot shows LDR > Verification attributres
    • To check erasure coded fragment verification, select Storage Node > LDR > Erasure Coding > Overview > Main.
      Shows LDR > Erasure Coding attrbutes