Local Distribution Router service

The Local Distribution Router (LDR) service manages the storage to disk of object data and object metadata. The LDR service is found on Storage Nodes.

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LDR service
Data Store

Monitor the status of the data store.

View statistics for CQL queries.

Reset lost object counts.


Monitor space utilization and availability.

Set the storage state of the LDR service.

Change the LDR health check timeout period.

See Key attributes to monitor.


Monitor the current state of the background verification process for replicated object data.

Set the background verification priority.

Reset missing object counts.

Reset corrupt replicated object data counts during background verification.

Erasure Coding

Monitor read and write erasure coding operations based on ILM rules for this Storage Node.

Reset read, write, and delete failure counts for erasure coded object data.

Reset corrupt erasure coded copies and corrupt erasure coded fragment counts.

For more information about erasure coding, see the Administrator Guide.


Monitor the transfer of data from one LDR service to another LDR service.

Reset replication failure counts.

Disable inbound and outbound replications.

See How objects are managed


Monitor S3 sessions.

For more information, see the S3 (Simple Storage Service) Implementation Guide.


Monitor Swift sessions.

For more information, see the Swift Implementation Guide.


Monitor HTTP sessions.