Support for StorageGRID Webscale platform services

StorageGRID Webscale platform services enable you to leverage external services such as a remote S3 bucket, a Simple Notification Service (SNS) endpoint, or an Elasticsearch cluster to extend the services provided by a grid.

Attention: StorageGRID Webscale 11.0 includes the initial release of platform services. CloudMirror replication, notifications, and search integration are currently appropriate only for specific situations and workloads. You must contact your NetApp representative if you want to use the initial release of these services.

The Tenant Administrator Guide includes a complete description of platform services, including instructions on how to create an endpoint that represents the remote service in your tenant account, which is required before a service can be configured. This guide discusses the StorageGRID Webscale implementation of the configuration APIs.

The following table summarizes the available platform services, and the APIs used to configure them.

Platform service Purpose S3 API used to configure the service
CloudMirror replication Replicates objects from a source StorageGRID Webscale bucket to the configured remote S3 bucket. PUT bucket replication
Notifications Sends notifications about events in a source StorageGRID Webscale bucket to a configured Simple Notification Service (SNS) endpoint. PUT bucket notification
Search integration Sends object metadata for objects stored in a StorageGRID Webscale bucket to a configured Elasticsearch index. PUT bucket metadata notification
Note: This is a StorageGRID Webscale custom S3 API.

A grid administrator must enable the use of platform services for a tenant account before they can be used, as described in the Administrator Guide.