Accessing and reviewing audit logs

The StorageGRID Webscale system securely and reliably transports audit messages from each service within the StorageGRID Webscale system to one or more audit repositories. API-specific audit messages provide critical security, operations, and performance monitoring data that can help you evaluate the health of your system.

About this task

The StorageGRID Webscale system compresses audit logs after one day and renames them using the format YYYY-MM-DD.txt.gz (where the original date is preserved).


  1. Log in to the server using the user name and password as recorded in the Passwords.txt file.
  2. Access the audit log directory through a command line of the server that hosts the AMS service.
  3. Go to the /var/local/audit/export/ directory.
  4. View the audit.log file.