General information about Swift info, auth, and storage URLs

StorageGRID Webscale supports several Swift API endpoint types.

These Swift API endpoints are:

Swift capabilities and limitations with info URL

The capabilities and limitations of the StorageGRID Webscale Swift implementation can be queried through the Swift info URL. You obtain this information by issuing a GET request to the StorageGRID Webscale Swift base URL with the /info path.

https://FQDN | IP:Swift_Port/info/

The StorageGRID Webscale implementation of Swift allows unauthenticated access to the info URL.

A GET request to the info URL yields the capabilities of the Swift implementation as a JSON dictionary. A client tool can parse the returned JSON response to determine the capabilities of the implementation and employ them as constraints for subsequent storage operations.

User authentication with auth URL

A client can authenticate a tenant user and procure a Swift token from the Swift auth URL. A successful authentication request yields a token and a storage URL, which are required for access on a StorageGRID Webscale CLB service on the Gateway Node or LDR service on a Storage Node.

https://FQDN | IP:Swift_Port/auth/v1.0/     

The credentials include the user name and password as parameters and must be provided using request headers as follows:

The Swift tenant account information is used in the authentication process and consists of one of the following:

A valid user name and password combination yields a valid token and storage URL through response headers as shown in the following:

X-Storage-Url   : https://FQDN | IP:Swift_Port/v1/Tenant_Account_ID
X-Auth-Token    : token
X-Storage-Token : token

By default, the token is valid for 24 hours from generation time.

Tokens are generated for a specific tenant account. A valid token for one account does not authorize a user to access another account.

Swift API operations with storage URL

A client application can issue Swift REST API calls to perform supported account, container, and object operations against a CLB service on the Gateway Node or LDR service on a Storage Node. Storage requests can be addressed to the URL that is returned by the auth request in the X-Storage-Url response header. The request must include the X-Auth-Token header and value returned from the auth request.

https://FQDN | IP:Swift_Port/v1/

Because StorageGRID Webscale uses an eventually-consistent data model, some storage response headers that contain usage statistics might not reflect accurate numbers for recently modified objects. It might take a few minutes for accurate numbers to appear in these headers.

The following response headers are examples of those that contain usage statistics:

For details about responses, see information about account, container, and object operations.