Troubleshooting SAVP Total Usable Space (Percent) alarm

If the SAVP Total Usable Space alarm appears, you can investigate the cause.

Before you begin

You must be signed in to the Grid Management Interface using a supported browser.


  1. Select Alarms.
  2. Notice the SAVP alarm.

    Alarms information
  3. Click the attribute name to display more information as shown in the following figure.

    Total Usable Space help
  4. Look up the troubleshooting information for the SAVP alarm.
    The recommended actions are:
    • Add storage
    • Migrate data to archive media
  5. Determine when this LDR service’s storage is likely to reach capacity:
    1. Select Grid.
    2. Select the LDR service’s Storage component that triggered the alarm. Click the Service link in the System Status table.
    3. Select LDR > Storage > Alarms > Main.

      Overview Storage page

    4. Notice the alarm for Total Usable Space (Percent). Click to chart usable space available over the last hour. Total space available has been steadily decreasing.
      Total Usable Space vs Time chart
    5. Review the trend over the last day to estimate how fast storage capacity is decreasing. Total available space for this LDR service decreased about 15% in the last day.
      Total Usable Space vs Time chart
    If there is no available storage for the StorageGRID Webscale system’s other Storage Nodes, add storage to the system by adding Storage Nodes.

    For more information about Storage Nodes, see the Administrator Guide.