Troubleshooting SSTS Alarms

If a Storage Status (SSTS) alarm appears, you can investigate the cause.

Before you begin

About this task

In the following example, the SSTS (Storage Status) alarm at the Notice level of severity has been triggered.


  1. Select Grid.
  2. Select Site > Storage Node > LDR > Storage > Alarms > Main to display the alarms on the Storage Node.

    Alarms: LDR Storage page
  3. Select LDR > Storage > Overview > Main and review the Total Usable Space (STAS) attribute to determine the amount of storage available for the LDR service.

    screenshot described by surrounding text
    In this example, there is only 10 GB of usable storage remaining. For this StorageGRID Webscale deployment, 10 GB is the default value of the Storage Volume Read-Only Watermark (see Configuration > Storage Options > Overview).
  4. Plot storage consumption over the last few hours.
    In this example, Total Usable Space dropped from roughly 55 GB at 14:00 to 10 GB at 18:00, which corresponds to the time at which the SSTS alarm was triggered.
    LDR Chart
  5. Verify the storage watermarks for the StorageGRID Webscale system.
    Select Configuration > Storage Options > Overview.

    Overview: Grid Configuration: Storage page

    When the amount of usable disk space (Total Usable Space (STAS)) dropped below the Storage Volume Read-Only Watermark, Storage Status – Current (SSCR) changed to Read-only. As Storage State – Desired was set to Online, Storage Status (SSTS) changed to Insufficient Usable Space and a Notice alarm was triggered.

    In most situations, an alarm for Total Usable Space (Percent) SAVP is also triggered; however, this depends on the relationship between the watermark setting in gigabytes (GB) and the alarm settings in percent. In this example, the Storage Volume Read-Only Watermark threshold (10 GB) was crossed before for the SAVP alarm threshold (10%).
    Report page

  6. Consult the troubleshooting information for the SSTS alarm.
    This alarm is triggered because there is no more available storage for the Storage Node. Add storage capacity by expanding the StorageGRID Webscale system and adding Storage Nodes.

    For procedures on how to manage a full Storage Node, see the Administrator Guide.