Aggregate port bond mode

Aggregate port bond mode significantly increases the throughout for each StorageGRID Webscale network and provides additional failover paths.

Ports used for Aggregate port bond mode
Callout Which ports are bonded
1 All connected ports are grouped in a single LACP bond, allowing all ports to be used for Grid Network and Client Network traffic.
If you plan to use aggregate port bond mode:
If you do not want to use all four 10/25-GbE ports, you can use one, two, or three ports. Using more than one port maximizes the chance that some network connectivity will remain available if one of the 10/25-GbE ports fails.
Note: If you choose to use fewer than four ports, be aware that one or more alarms will be raised in the Grid Management Interface after StorageGRID Webscale is installed, indicating that cables are unplugged. You can safely acknowledge the alarms to clear them.