Saving and sharing links

The Documentation Center manages URLs dynamically, which can complicate saving and sharing links. However, there are easy ways to bookmark or save stable URLs for future access.

About this task

The browser's address bar (or equivalent) does not update as you navigate through the Documentation Center. It always shows the address that you entered from, which is typically the home page. Consequently, copying it or using it to create a bookmark will not necessarily yield the expected results.

Search results and navigation links often include dynamically inserted information as part of the URL. These URLs might work for a while but are not reliable.

A direct URL is available for every topic. This URL is stable for the life of the topic.


  1. Copy the direct URL for the topic.
    • Click Button: Copy link to this topic to copy the direct URL to your clipboard.

      Not all browsers allow clipboard access from the toolbar. Some browsers allow access but require confirmation first. If your browser does not allow clipboard access from the toolbar, you can copy the URL from the topic footer.

    • Select and copy the direct URL shown in the topic footer.
    • Right-click a link to the topic from any other topic that links to it, and then select the copy link option for your browser.

      Topic-to-topic links use the direct URL, so you can copy a link from the breadcrumb, related links, or anywhere else in a topic.

  2. Optional: Bookmark the topic in your browser.
    1. Open a new browser tab.
    2. In the new tab, paste the URL, and then press Enter.
      The Documentation Center is displayed in the new tab, open to the intended topic.
    The active view is a stable link to the topic. You can now create a bookmark in your browser.