Signing in to NAS Bridge using the default account

When initially deployed, the NAS Bridge node includes a single default administrator user account. The first time you sign in, you must enter the username and password for this default account.

Before you begin

You must know the Management IP address of the NAS Bridge node.

About this task

The default web administrator account has administrative authority and uses the following credentials:
  • Email (user name):
  • Password: password


  1. Browse to the IP address or domain name of the NAS Bridge node.
    The NAS Bridge sign-in page is displayed.

    NAS Bridge Sign-In Dialog

  2. Type the email address for the default
  3. Type the password for the default administrator:password
  4. Click Sign In.
  5. Read the End User Licence Agreement and Product Warranty Statement.
  6. Click Agree to accept and complete the sign in.
    The NAS Bridge user interface is displayed, with top-level menu selections for Dashboard, Alarms, Configuration, and Maintenance.

    NAS Bridge Dashboard