Resolving appliance Storage Node hardware-based events

You can view events related to a StorageGRID Webscale appliance Storage Node at any time. You might want to monitor events related to the storage and compute controllers, the multipath state of the appliance connections, and the enclosure to ensure operational status. Some events trigger alarms.

Before you begin

About this task

The StorageGRID Webscale appliance reports on events that impact the service health and all computational, disk devices, hardware, and network resources. For the appliance, you can gauge the hardware status of both the storage and the compute controllers by viewing storage hardware events.

For more information, see the troubleshooting information and the installation and maintenance instructions for your appliance.


  1. Select Support > Grid Topology.
  2. Select an appliance Storage Node in the Grid Topology tree.
  3. Select SSM > Events.
  4. In the System Events section, note the count for Storage Hardware Events.
  5. If a hardware event is noted here, identify the cause by completing the following steps:
    1. Select SSM > Resources.
    2. Look for abnormal conditions in the Storage Hardware section.