Key attributes to monitor

To ensure that the StorageGRID Webscale system is able to store data as expected, you should monitor the amounts of available and used storage on a regular basis. The Dashboard provides a snapshot of used and free storage. The Nodes page contains graphs that enable you to monitor capacities over time.

Monitor the storage capacities shown in the following table.

Category Component Attributes
Storage capacity
  • Dashboard: Available Storage panel
  • Dashboard: Chart (Reports) icon Report Icon
  • Nodes > Storage Node
  • Dashboard Used and Free storage (Overall and for each Data Center)
  • Dashboard Percentage Storage Capacity Used vs. Time (PSCU): The percentage of installed storage capacity that has been consumed for the entire StorageGRID Webscale system or for each data center.
  • Nodes page Storage Used - Object Data graph: hover over graph to see Used (%), Used, and Total storage. The Total value is the Total Usable Space (STAS) attribute.
Metadata storage capacity Nodes > Storage Node Hover over the Storage Used - Object Metadata graph to see the percentage of allowed space consumed by object metadata. This value is the Metadata Used Space (Percent) (CDLP) attribute.
Note: The attributes for storage capacity and metadata storage capacity do not include the capacity used for archived content.