Setting the IP address for the E2700 controller

You can use SANtricity Storage Manager on the service laptop to set the IP address for the management port on the E2700 controller. If you accessed the E2700 controller using an IP address obtained using DHCP, you must follow these steps to set a static IP address.

Before you begin

You must have a service laptop with SANtricity Storage Manager already installed.

About this task

For detailed instructions, see the SANtricity Storage Manager documentation.
Attention: To ensure that you do not lose your management connection to the hardware and the controller firmware in the StorageGRID Webscale appliance, NetApp strongly recommends that you set a static IP address for E2700 controller by following the steps in this section.


  1. From SANtricity Storage Manager, click the Devices tab.
  2. In the Devices tab, double-click the newly added array.
  3. Click the Hardware tab.
  4. In the Hardware pane of the Array Management Window, highlight Controller A, Port 1.
  5. On the Array Management Window, from the Hardware menu, select Controller > Configure > Configure Management Ports:

    SANtricity Change Network Configuration page
  6. Change the IP address of Controller A, Port 1 to the management IP address, gateway, and subnet mask:
    1. From the Speed and duplex mode drop-down list, select Auto-negotiate.
      You must also make sure the Ethernet switch for the management network is set to autonegotiate. Connectivity issues might occur if automatic negotiation is selected in SANtricity Storage Manager but not set for the Ethernet switch.
    2. Depending on the format of your network configuration, select either Enable IPv4 or Enable IPv6, or select both boxes.
    3. Select Specify configuration, and change the IP address of Controller A, Port 1 to a routable management IP address, gateway, and subnet mask.
    4. Click OK.
  7. After the change, ping the IP address using an external laptop, not the service laptop.
    It might take a few minutes to get a response to the ping.
  8. If the ping returns the IP data, disconnect the Ethernet cable from your service laptop, and reconnect the cable from the controller to the management network.
  9. In SANtricity Storage Manager, remove the newly added storage array and add it again using the new IP address of port 1.