Tenants menu

The Tenants option allows grid administrators to create storage tenant accounts.

Tenants menu item and page

Each tenant account uses either the S3 client protocol or the Swift client protocol. You must create at least one tenant account for each client protocol (Swift or S3) that will be used to store objects on your StorageGRID Webscale system. If you want to use both the Swift client protocol and the S3 client protocol to store and retrieve objects, you must create at least two tenant accounts: one for Swift containers and objects and one for S3 buckets and objects.

Optionally, you can create additional tenant accounts if you want to segregate the objects stored on your system by different entities. Each tenant account has its own federated or local groups and users, and its own containers (buckets for S3) and objects.
Note: Grid administrators create tenant accounts, but these users do not use the S3 or Swift protocols.

For details, see the information about administering StorageGRID Webscale and using tenant accounts.