Signing in for the first time

When you sign into the Tenant Manager for the first time, you enter the account ID and your username and password.

Before you begin

You must be using a supported web browser.


  1. Browse to the URL for your tenant account.
    Grid administrators who know the tenant account's root user password can also sign using the Sign In link for the tenant in the Grid Manager.
    The Sign in page appears, with the Account ID field completed.

    screenshot of the sign in page

  2. Type the username in the Username field.
    For example, if you are signing in as the root user, type "root".
  3. Type the password for the user in the Password field, and click Sign in.
  4. If you signed in as the root user, and you received the password from someone at another company, such as a service provider, consider changing the password to ensure it is secure.