Accessing SANtricity System Manager

You can monitor and manage the appliance hardware by browsing to SANtricity System Manager, which is included on the E2800 controller (the storage controller in the appliance).

Before you begin


  1. If management port 1 on the E2800 controller is connected to a network that has a DHCP server:
    1. Use the MAC address on the label to look up the DHCP-assigned IP address for management port 1 (P1).

      Location of MAC address label and port P1 on E2800 controller
    2. Open a web browser, and enter the IP address as the URL for SANtricity System Manager:https://E2800_Controller_IP
      The login page for SANtricity System Manager appears.
    3. Go to step 3.
  2. If the network does not use a DHCP server (or if an IP address was not acquired from the DHCP server):
    1. Connect the service laptop directly to management port 2 on the E2800 controller, using an Ethernet cable.
    2. Configure the IP address for the Ethernet port on the service laptop:
      • IP address:
      • Subnet mask:
    3. Open a web browser on the service laptop, and enter this URL:
      The login page for SANtricity System Manager appears.
  3. Set or enter the administrator password.
    Note: SANtricity System Manager uses a single administrator password that is shared among all users.
    The Set Up wizard appears.
    Screen shot showing Cancel button for Set Up wizard
  4. Click Cancel to close the wizard.
    Do not complete the Set Up wizard for a StorageGRID Webscale appliance.
    The SANtricity System Manager home page appears.
    Screen shot of SANtricity System Manager home page