Installing the SG6000-CN controller in a cabinet or rack

You must install a set of rails for the SG6000-CN controller in your cabinet or rack, and then slide the controller onto the rails.

Before you begin

About this task

Install hardware from the bottom to the top of the rack or cabinet to prevent the equipment from tipping over. To ensure that the heaviest equipment is at the bottom of the cabinet or rack, install the SG6000-CN controller above the E2860 controller shelf.
Attention: If you are installing multiple SG6060 appliances in the same rack, consider installing all the E2860 controller shelves toward the bottom, and the SG6000-CN controllers toward the top. Before committing to the installation, verify that the 0.5m optic cables shipped with the SG6060 appliance, or cables that you supply, are long enough for the planned layout.


  1. Carefully follow the instructions for the rail kit to install the rails in your cabinet or rack.
  2. On the two rails installed in the cabinet or rack, extend the movable parts of the rails until you hear a click.

    SG6000 Rails
  3. Insert the SG6000-CN controller into the rails.
  4. Slide the controller into the cabinet or rack.

    When you cannot move the controller any further, pull the blue latches on both sides of the chassis to slide the controller all the way in.

    SG6000 Sliding on Rails
    Note: Do not attach the front bezel until after you power on the controller.