Viewing boot-up status codes for the E2800 controllers

Each E2800 controller has a seven-segment display that provides status codes as the controller powers up.

About this task

For descriptions of these codes, see the E5700 and E2800 System Monitoring Guide.


  1. During boot-up, monitor progress by viewing the codes shown on the seven-segment display for each E2800 controller.

    The seven-segment display on each E2800 controller shows the repeating sequence OS, Sd, blank to indicate that the controller is performing start-of-day processing.

  2. After the controllers have booted up, confirm that each E2800 controller shows 99, which is the default ID for an E-Series controller shelf.

    Make sure this value is displayed on both E2800 controllers.

    Seven-Segment Display Codes for E2800
  3. If one or both controllers show other values, see the information about troubleshooting the hardware installation, and confirm you completed the installation steps correctly. If you are unable to resolve the problem, contact technical support.