Performing the upgrade from NAS Bridge version 2.1.x to 2.2.x

If you are currently running any version of NAS Bridge 2.1, upgrading to NAS Bridge 2.2.x involves several simple steps.

Before you begin


  1. Log into the vCenter for the NAS Bridge instance.
  2. Right click the NAS Bridge virtual machine and select Power > Shut Down Guest OS.
    The NAS Bridge virtual machine will be offline while you perform the following reconfiguration steps.
    1. When the virtual machine is powered down, select Edit Settings.
    2. Change the memory value from 32768 MB to 49152 MB.
    3. Expand the Memory section and apply the same value change for Reservation.
    4. Click OK and wait for the reconfiguration of the virtual machine to complete.
  3. Start the NAS Bridge virtual machine by selecting Power > Power On. Or select Start the virtual machine.
  4. Using a secure copy protocol (such as scp), copy the file from your local workstation to the NAS Bridge virtual machine.scp pb@ip-of-nas-bridge:~
  5. When prompted, type the current password for the CLI administrator account.
  6. Type the SSH command to log in to the NAS Bridge virtual machine using the CLI administrator account.
    ssh pb@
  7. When prompted, type the password for the account.
  8. Move the file you downloaded to /var/local/ on the NAS Bridge, and rename the file as mv ~/ /var/local/
  9. From a supported browser, sign in to the NAS Bridge user interface.
  10. Select Maintenance at the top of the web page.
  11. Select Tasks.
  12. Click Start Upgrade.
    A confirmation dialog box appears.
  13. Select Yes, upgrade to start the upgrade process.

    This image is described by the surrounding text.

    The upgrade process could take several minutes.

    Attention: When the Debian GNU/Linux boot menu appears, do not make any selections, or you will lose access to your NAS Bridge file systems. Allow the boot process to continue automatically.
  14. Select Alarms to verify the upgrade message.

    Upgrade Successful
  15. Select Maintenance, then click the Refresh button for your browser.
    You must refresh your browser to display the new version.
    Note: If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer, you must clear your browser's cache and then refresh the page.
  16. Confirm that the upgrade succeeded.
    1. From the top right of the page, select Help > System Info.
    2. Confirm that version 2.2.x is displayed.

      If the System Info window does not contain any values, the upgrade has not completed.

      Contact technical support if the upgrade process does not complete within 5 to 10 minutes or if the correct version is not shown.

  17. When you are finished, download a NAS Bridge recovery package.
    Attention: You should download a NAS Bridge recovery package whenever you make configuration changes or upgrade to a new version of NAS Bridge. Recovery packages from previous versions will not be valid.
    1. Go to Maintenance > Recovery Package .
    2. Click Generate Package.
    3. Select the package from the table, and click Download to download the package to your local workstation.
    4. Save the package to a safe location.