How your system is affected during the upgrade

The NAS Bridge is unavailable during the software upgrade process.

You must not make any configuration changes to the NAS Bridge while the upgrade is in progress.

System will reboot and services will stop

When you start the upgrade, the NAS Bridge will reboot and all services will stop. The services should restart automatically when the software upgrade process is complete.

Logged in users are logged out

Any users who are logged into the NAS Bridge user interface when you start the software upgrade will be disconnected.

Current read and write operations will stop

Any file read or write operations that are occurring when you start the software upgrade will be stopped.
Attention: To prevent data loss, all clients must unmount their file systems before you start the upgrade process.

Existing logs will be lost

Any logs that exist before the upgrade will not be captured in the debug package. After the upgrade, the logs will be accessible only through the terminal console. It is recommended that you capture the logs before performing the upgrade.

PB instance hostname will change

After the upgrade to NAS Bridge 2.2, the PB instance hostname will change to sg-nas-bridge.