Monitoring the SSM service

The Server Status Monitor (SSM) service is present on all grid nodes and monitors the node’s status, services, and resources. You can look at the SSM entry for each grid node to see the status of services on that node.

About this task

The SSM service monitors the condition of the server and related hardware, polls the server and hardware drivers for information, and displays the processed data. The information monitored includes:


  1. Select Support > Grid Topology.
  2. Select the grid node, and select SSM.
    The state and status of the node's SSM service is shown.
  3. Select SSM > Services.
    The status of each service on the node is shown, as in this example for a primary Admin Node.
    SSM service
  4. To monitor the events for the node, select SSM > Events.
    Note: This information is the same as displayed on the Nodes > Events tab.
  5. To monitor the node's resources, select SSM > Resources.
    As required, you can use the Configuration tab to reset network error counters.
  6. To monitor the clock settings for the node, select SSM > Timing.
    The timing attributes report on the state of the grid node’s local clock and the state of neighboring grid node clocks. In addition, these attributes report on NTP synchronization.