Editing a Cloud Storage Pool

You can edit a Cloud Storage Pool to change its name, URI, or other details; however, you cannot change the bucket for a Cloud Storage Pool.

Before you begin


  1. Select ILM > Storage Pools.

    The Storage Pools page appears.

  2. In the Cloud Storage Pools table, select the radio button for the Cloud Storage Pool.
  3. Click Edit.

    Cloud Storage Pool Edit

  4. As required, change the display name, URI, credentials, or certificate validation method.
    Attention: You cannot change the bucket for a Cloud Storage Pool.
  5. Click Save.
    When you save a Cloud Storage Pool, StorageGRID validates that the bucket and the URI exist, and can be reached using the credentials that you specified.

    If Cloud Storage Pool validation fails, you receive an error message that explains why validation failed. For example, an error might be reported if there is a certificate error.

    See the instructions for troubleshooting Cloud Storage Pools, resolve the issue, and then try saving the Cloud Storage Pool again.