Installation overview

Installing a StorageGRID system in a VMware deployment includes three primary steps.

  1. Preparation: You must make sure you have all of the required materials, installation files, hardware, and networks.
  2. Deployment: When you deploy grid nodes, the individual grid nodes are created and connected to one or more networks. When deploying grid nodes:
    1. You deploy the virtual nodes as virtual machines (VMs) in VMware vSphere Web Client using a .vmdk file and a set of .ovf file templates.
    2. You deploy any StorageGRID appliance Storage Nodes, using the StorageGRID Appliance Installer.
  3. Configuration: When all nodes have been deployed, you use the StorageGRID Grid Manager to configure the grid and complete the installation.

This document recommends a standard approach for deploying and configuring a StorageGRID system in a VMware environment, but it also provides information about these alternative approaches: