Content protection: Cloud Storage Pool

Following ingest, if an ILM rule’s Content Placement instructions are configured to store a replicated copy of object data on a Cloud Storage Pool, object data is moved to the external S3 bucket that was specified for the Cloud Storage Pool.

Data flow

The ILM engine and the Data Mover service control the movement of objects to the Cloud Storage Pool.

Cloud Storage Pool Data Flow

  1. The ILM engine selects a Data Mover service to replicate to the Cloud Storage Pool.
  2. The Data Mover service sends the object data to the Cloud Storage Pool.
  3. The Data Mover service notifies the ILM engine that the object data has been stored.
  4. The ILM engine updates the DDS service with object location metadata.

Replication related attributes

The table shows the primary attributes used to track a Cloud Storage Pool object:

Component Attribute changes
Nodes > Storage Node > ILM Evaluations: The total number of ILM evaluations that have been performed to date increases by one.