POST Object restore

You can use the S3 POST Object restore request to restore an object that is stored in a Cloud Storage Pool.

Supported request type

StorageGRID only supports POST Object restore requests to restore an object. It does not support the SELECT type of restoration. Select requests return XNotImplemented.

Behavior of POST Object restore on Cloud Storage Pool objects

If an object has been moved to a Cloud Storage Pool, a POST Object restore request has the following behavior, based on the state of the object. See "HEAD Object" for more details.

State of object Behavior of POST Object restore

Object ingested into StorageGRID but not yet evaluated by ILM, or object stored in a traditional storage pool or using erasure coding

403 Forbidden, InvalidObjectState

Object in Cloud Storage Pool but not yet transitioned to Glacier

200 OK

No changes are made.
Note: Before an object has been transitioned to Glacier, you cannot change its expiry-date.

Object transitioned to Glacier from the Cloud Storage Pool bucket

202 Accepted

A temporary copy of the object is restored to the Cloud Storage Pool bucket for the number of days specified in the request body. After the specified period, the temporary copy is deleted, but the object remains in Glacier.

Optionally, specify versionId to restore a specific version of an object in a versioned bucket. If you do not specify versionId, the most recent version of the object is restored.

Optionally, use the Tier request element to determine how long the restore job will take to finish (Expedited, Standard, or Bulk). If you do not specify Tier, the Standard tier is used.

Object in process of being restored from Glacier to the Cloud Storage Pool bucket

409 Conflict, RestoreAlreadyInProgress

Object fully restored to the Cloud Storage Pool bucket

200 OK

Note: If a temporary copy of an object has been restored, you can change its expiry-date by reissuing the POST Object restore request with a new value for Days. The restoration date is updated relative to the time of the request.