Additional Resources

NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT)
Describes devices and platforms supported by StorageGRID.
NetApp Guided Problem Solving and Chat
Guided Problem Solving provides curated technical content, how-to resources, and troubleshooting steps that are organized by products, features, and tasks. Chat enables you to quickly resolve issues without opening a case or calling technical support.
NetApp Knowledgebase
Enables you to access technical articles for managing and administering StorageGRID. A small subset of the Knowledgebase is available to the public. A registered user has access to a broader range of technical Knowledgebase articles.
Community Discussions
Join the discussion of NetApp products. Search the forums for "StorageGRID Webscale."
NetApp Downloads: StorageGRID
Download StorageGRID software. You will be prompted to log in using your NetApp Support Site credentials.
Product Library A-Z
Access all NetApp product documentation.