Performing a file system emergency takeover

If you have lost access to the data on the Primary file system and have a Secondary file system on standby, you can recover the data by performing an "emergency takeover" to have the Secondary file system become the new Primary file system. However, you should only perform this procedure as part of a failure recovery. If there is a chance that the original Primary file system could come online again, your data will become corrupted. If you are not sure you should perform this procedure, contact technical support.

Before you begin

About this task

You have a Secondary file system available if you have added a file system to another NAS Bridge virtual machine that is connected to the same bucket as the NAS Bridge containing the Primary file system.

You can have only one Primary file system per bucket at a time. Note the results and actions you should take based on the sequence of events:
  • If you have a Secondary file system take over as Primary, and the original Primary file system is still available or comes online, both file systems will be automatically demoted to Secondary, and data could be corrupted. If both file systems have been demoted to Secondary, you must reboot one of the NAS Bridge virtual machines before you can assign its file system as Primary again.
  • When the original Primary file system is turned on again, it will come up as a Secondary file system, and a read-only file system is exported.
  • If the original NAS Bridge contained dirty data at the time of file system failure, that data is not accessible through the exported file system. If you then force another takeover, both Primary file systems will become Secondary file systems, and you must reboot one of the NAS Bridge virtual machines before you can assign its file system as Primary again. It is likely that some of the files will be corrupted.
For assistance, contact technical support.


  1. Depending on the file system type, select Configuration > NFS Filesystems or Configuration > SMB Filesystems.
    A table of available file systems appears.
    File System Table

    The file system's role of "Primary" or "Secondary" is shown in the Role column of the table.

  2. Note the identifier of the Secondary file system that you want to have take over as Primary.
    The identifier for the file system is displayed in the ID column of the table.
  3. Select Maintenance > Recovery Procedure.
    The Recovery Procedure page appears.
    File System Emergency Takeover
  4. Under Filesystem Emergency Takeover, click Emergency Takeover.
    The Specify a Secondary filesystem for takeover dialog box appears.
    Emergency Takeover dialog box
  5. Read the cautionary text and ensure you want to proceed.
  6. Enter the ID of the file system you want to become Primary, and click Yes, take over.

    The file system becomes the Primary file system for the bucket. An event appears on the Alarms page indicating that the file system has taken over successfully.

  7. When you are finished, download a NAS Bridge recovery package.
    Attention: You should download a NAS Bridge recovery package whenever you make configuration changes or upgrade to a new version of NAS Bridge. Recovery packages from previous versions will not be valid.
    1. Go to Maintenance > Recovery Procedure .
    2. Click Generate Package.
    3. Select the package from the table, and click Download to download the package to your local workstation.
    4. Save the package to a safe location.