How your system is affected during the upgrade

The earlier part of the upgrade process is non-disruptive. During the later part of the software upgrade process, the NAS Bridge is unavailable.

You must not make any configuration changes to the NAS Bridge while the upgrade is in progress.

Accessibility during part of the upgrade process

During the earlier part of the upgrade process, clients can continue to access file systems and perform read and write operations. Users can log in or remain logged in to the NAS Bridge user interface.

When you are prompted to click Complete Upgrade, you must ensure that client operations are complete, or data could be lost.

What happens after you click Complete Upgrade

After you click Complete Upgrade, the following processes occur:
  • System reboots and services stop.

    The NAS Bridge reboots and all services stop. The services should restart automatically when the software upgrade process is complete.

  • Logged in users are logged out.

    Any users who are logged in to the NAS Bridge user interface are disconnected.

  • Current read and write operations stop.
    Any file read or write operations are stopped.
    Attention: To prevent data loss, all clients must unmount their file systems before you click Complete Upgrade.

Existing logs will not be included in future log packages

Any logs that exist before the upgrade are not captured when you generate a log package after the upgrade. Before you perform the upgrade, follow the instructions for generating and downloading a log package. After the upgrade, you can access any pre-existing logs by using a terminal console and going to this location: /home/pb/NASBridge-<version>/var/log.