Using NAS Bridge reports

The Dashboard selection in the NAS Bridge menu includes open-source tools that you can use to view NAS Bridge data.

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The NAS Bridge dashboard uses Grafana, a metrics analytics and visualization tool, and the Prometheus monitoring tool. Grafana displays time-series data in graphs and charts, while Prometheus serves as the backend data source.

Before you begin

A NAS Bridge user with a role of Monitor or Admin can view the dashboard.

For more information

This document provides high-level instructions to help you get started with the NAS Bridge dashboard. The full range of operations you can perform with these tools is beyond the scope of these instructions.

For complete information about using Grafana dashboards, see the Grafana web site. For information about querying Prometheus, see the Prometheus web site.
Note: Be sure to use the instructions for Grafana version 5.4, which is the version used by NAS Bridge.