Removing a cache device

Depending on your deployment plan, client activity, and overall system performance, you might need to remove a NAS Bridge cache device. In general, if a cache device is not associated with a file system and not planned for a future file system, you should remove it.

Before you begin

The cache device must not be associated with any file systems.


  1. Click Configuration at the top of the web page.
  2. Click Cache Devices.
  3. Select the row for the cache device you want to remove, then click Remove.
    The cache device is removed from the NAS Bridge configuration.
  4. Remove the hard drive (disk) from vSphere.
    Attention: If you do not remove the drive from vSphere, it will still be associated with the NAS Bridge virtual machine.
  5. Scan the host bus to ensure that the Linux operating system recognizes the change.echo "- - -" | sudo tee /sys/class/scsi_host/host*/scan
  6. When you are finished, download a NAS Bridge recovery package.
    Attention: You should download a NAS Bridge recovery package whenever you make configuration changes or upgrade to a new version of NAS Bridge. Recovery packages from previous versions will not be valid.
    1. Go to Maintenance > Recovery Procedure .
    2. Click Generate Package.
    3. Select the package from the table, and click Download to download the package to your local workstation.
    4. Save the package to a safe location.