Requirements for software upgrades

Before you begin a NAS Bridge software upgrade, obtain any required materials and check upgrade requirements to ensure you can complete the upgrade successfully.

What you need Notes
Related documentation
  • StorageGRID Release Notes
    Note: Read the Release Notes carefully before starting the upgrade.
  • NAS Bridge installation and setup
Service laptop The service laptop must have:
  • Network port
  • SSH client (for example, PuTTY)
  • Supported web browser
RAM for virtual machine 48 GB
Attention: If upgrading from previous releases, you might need to increase the RAM to 48 GB.
vCPUs for virtual machine 16
If not already attached (for system drives): Two hard drives attached to the NAS Bridge virtual machine

Two 100 GB hard drives attached to the NAS Bridge virtual machine for use as system drives.

If you already have two 100 GB system drives, you do not need to add more hard drives. If you have one 100 GB drive already attached, add another 100 GB drive.

Attention: The NAS Bridge system drives must be exactly 100 GB each, or the upgrade will fail.

To add a system drive, see the instructions for adding a hard drive to the virtual machine.

Existing cache devices: Verify size Ensure that any existing cache devices are larger than 100 GB, or the upgrade will fail.