Creating a system event message to test the API

A simple way to test the management API is to create a message in the system event (alarms) log.

Before you begin

You must have logged in to the API Docs (Swagger) page so that the authentication token, email address, and API version will be automatically inserted into the corresponding fields for each API endpoint.

About this task

You use the API Docs page to create a system event. After the event has been created, you can display the message in two ways:
  • Using the GET function on the API Docs (Swagger) page
  • Using the NAS Bridge user interface


  1. On the API Docs page, click system_events.
  2. Click POST to display the API call used to create a new system event.
    The POST API call is displayed. If you logged in successfully at the top of the web page, the version, email address (user account), and authentication token are automatically populated on the page.
  3. Type a test message, severity (from the list of allowed values), and test facility:

    example test message

  4. Click Try it out.

    example response body

    The response code 200 indicates success.
  5. To verify the new message was created:
    • On the API Docs page, click system_events > GET, then make sure that the email address and authentication token fields are set. Use the q parameter to limit the results to those messages that include all or part of your message text. Then, click Try it out to list the message you created.

      example get system events

      example response body

    • From the NAS Bridge user interface, click Alarms, and filter or sort the events to find the message you posted.

      example Maintenance > Events