Securing the CLI administrator account

To ensure your system is secure, you must change the password for the default command line interface (CLI) account before you configure the NAS Bridge.

Before you begin

You must know the IP address of the NAS Bridge.

About this task

The default CLI administrator account has administrative authority and uses the following credentials:
  • User name: pb
  • Password: pb

To change the password for this account, you can access the CLI using SSH or the VMware console of the NAS Bridge virtual machine (using VMRC). For simplicity, these instructions show how to use SSH.


  1. Type the SSH command to log in using the CLI administrator account (pb) and management IP address of the NAS Bridge.
    ssh pb@
  2. When prompted, type the default password for the account: pb
  3. Type the Linux command to change the password for the account:passwd pb
  4. Respond to the command prompts to confirm the current password (pb) and select a new password for the account.

After you finish

You should record and retain the new password for future use.