Defining the StorageGRID endpoint

You must define a StorageGRID endpoint so the NAS Bridge can access the necessary S3 buckets. The endpoint is either a StorageGRID Gateway Node or third-party load balancer.

Before you begin

You must have the following information:

About this task

NAS Bridge can connect to only one StorageGRID Gateway Node or third-party load balancer at a time. To avoid creating a single point of failure, do not directly connect NAS Bridge to a single StorageGRID Storage Node.
Attention: When you upgrade StorageGRID grid nodes or a third-party load balancer, the endpoint that provides access to the S3 buckets for NAS Bridge will be temporarily unavailable. To ensure that NFS and SMB clients can continue to access their data, you must follow these steps to connect to an alternate endpoint before performing the upgrade on StorageGRID or a third-party load balancer.


  1. Click Configuration at the top of the web page.
  2. Click StorageGRID under Object Storage on the left side of the page.
  3. Enter the required configuration information.
    • Host name - IP address or domain name of the Gateway Node or third-party load balancer
    • Port - TCP port (8082 by default)
    • Account credentials - Access key and secret key
    • Certificate Validation - Check this box if you want to validate the certificate for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection to StorageGRID
  4. Click Save.