Creating custom notifications for migration alarms

You might want to configure the StorageGRID system to send a notification email to the system administrator responsible for monitoring migration if the attribute values exceed their recommended maximum values.

Before you begin


  1. Create an email list that includes all administrators responsible for monitoring the data migration.
    Optionally, you can create a template to customize the subject line, header, and footer of data migration notification emails.
  2. Create a Global Custom alarm for each attribute you need to monitor during data migration.
    1. Select Alarms. Then, in the Alarms section of the menu, select Global Alarms.
    2. Under Default Alarms, search for the Default alarms for the first attribute. Under Filter by, select Attribute Code, then type the four letter code for the attribute. For example, ARVF.
    3. Click Submit Submit icon.
    4. In the results list, click Copy Copy icon next to the alarm you want to modify.
      The alarm moves to the Global Custom Alarms table.
    5. Under Global Custom Alarms, in the Mailing List column for the copied attribute, add the mailing list.
    6. Repeat for each remaining attribute.
    7. When finished creating Global Custom alarms, click Apply Changes.

After you finish

Administrators responsible for monitoring data migration now receive an email notification if the values of key attributes exceed their maximum acceptable levels during migration.

Remember to disable these notifications after data migration is complete. Note that Global Custom alarms override Default alarms. If there are any, enable Custom alarms at the grid node level as Global Custom alarms cannot be triggered.