Sending user-triggered AutoSupport messages

You can manually trigger an AutoSupport message at any time.

Before you begin


  1. Select Support > AutoSupport.
  2. From the AutoSupport menu, select User-triggered.
  3. Click Send.

    AutoSuppport page
    The StorageGRID system attempts to send an AutoSupport message to technical support. If the attempt is successful, the Last Attempt attribute updates to Successful. If there is a problem, the Last Attempt attribute updates to Failed. The StorageGRID system does not try again.

    If a failure occurs and SMTP is the selected protocol, verify that the StorageGRID system’s email server is correctly configured and that your email server is running. The following error message might appear on the AutoSupport page: AutoSupport messages cannot be sent using SMTP protocol due to incorrect settings on the E-mail Server page.

    The AutoSupport message includes the following information:
    • StorageGRID software version
    • Operating system version
    • System-level and location-level attribute information
    • All alarms raised in the last seven days
    • Current status of all grid tasks, including historical data
    • Events information as listed on the Nodes > Grid Node > Events page
    • Admin Node database usage
    • Number of lost or missing objects
    • Grid configuration settings
    • NMS entities
    • Active ILM policy
    • Provisioned grid specification file