Modifying connection settings for S3 API

After the Archive Node is configured to connect to an external archival storage system through the S3 API, you can modify some settings should the connection change.

Before you begin

About this task

If you change the Cloud Tiering (S3) account, you must ensure that the user access credentials have read/write access to the bucket, including all objects that were previously ingested by the Archive Node to the bucket.


  1. Select Support > Grid Topology.
  2. Select Archive Node > ARC > Target.
  3. Click Configuration > Main .

    Modifying the Configuration page for an Archive Node
  4. Modify account information, as necessary.
    If you change the storage class, new object data is stored with the new storage class. Existing object continue to be stored under the storage class set when ingested.
    Note: Bucket Name, Region, and Endpoint, use AWS values and cannot be changed.
  5. Click Apply Changes.