Compliance workflow

The workflow diagram shows the high-level steps for enabling the global Compliance setting, for creating and managing compliant ILM rules and ILM policies, and for creating and managing S3 buckets that are compliant. As a grid administrator, you must coordinate closely with the tenant administrator to ensure that the objects in compliant buckets are protected in a manner that satisfies regulatory requirements.

As the workflow diagram shows, a grid administrator must enable the global Compliance setting for the entire StorageGRID system before an S3 tenant can create compliant buckets. The grid administrator must also ensure that the default rule in the grid's active ILM policy satisfies the data-protection requirements of objects in compliant buckets.

Then, once the global Compliance setting has been enabled, tenants can create and manage compliant buckets using the Tenant Manager, the Tenant Management API, or the S3 REST API.

Diagram showing the compliant workflow for a grid administrator