Controlling which client operations are permitted

You can set the Prevent Client Modify option to Enabled to deny specific HTTP client operations.

Before you begin

About this task

Prevent Client Modify is a system wide setting. When the Prevent Client Modify option is enabled, the following requests are denied:
    • Delete Bucket requests
    • Any requests to modify an existing object's data, user-defined metadata, or S3 object tagging
      Note: This setting does not apply to buckets with versioning enabled. Versioning already prevents modifications to object data, user-defined metadata, and object tagging.
  • Swift REST API
    • Delete Container requests
    • Requests to modify any existing object. For example, the following operations are denied: Put Overwrite, Delete, Metadata Update, and so on.


  1. Select Configuration > Grid Options.
  2. From the Grid Options menu, select Configuration.
  3. Change Prevent Client Modify to Enabled.

    Configuration options page
  4. Click Apply Changes.