Enabling compliance

Enabling the global Compliance setting allows all S3 tenant accounts to create and manage compliant buckets. If S3 tenant accounts need to comply with regulatory requirements when saving object data, you can enable compliance for your entire StorageGRID system.

Before you begin

About this task

Users with the appropriate permissions can create compliant buckets, set and increase the retention period for bucket objects, specify how objects can be deleted at the end of their retention period, and optionally place all objects in the bucket under a legal hold or lift a legal hold.
Attention: If you enable this setting, you will not be able to disable it in the future.


  1. Select Configuration > Compliance.
    The Global Compliance Settings page appears.

    screenshot of Global Compliance Settings page

  2. Select Enable Compliance.
  3. Click Apply.
    A confirmation dialog box appears.

    Confirmation dialog box for enabling compliance

  4. If you are sure you want to enable compliance for the grid, click OK.
    When you click OK:
    • If the default rule in the active ILM policy is compliant, compliance is now enabled for the entire grid and cannot be disabled.
    • If the default rule is not compliant, an error appears, indicating that you must create and activate a new ILM policy that includes a compliant rule as its default rule. Click OK, and create a new proposed policy, simulate it, and activate it.

      Error message for enabling compliance