Guidelines for StorageGRID networks

StorageGRID supports up to three network interfaces per grid node, allowing you to configure the networking for each individual grid node to match your security and access requirements.

Note: To modify or add a network for a grid node, see the recovery and maintenance instructions. For more information about network topology, see the grid primer and the installation instructions for your deployment.

Grid Network

Required. The Grid Network is used for all internal StorageGRID traffic. It provides connectivity between all nodes in the grid, across all sites and subnets.

Admin Network

Optional. The Admin Network is typically used for system administration and maintenance. It can also be used for client protocol access. The Admin Network is typically a private network and does not need to be routable between sites.

Client Network

Optional. The Client Network is an open network typically used to provide access to S3 and Swift client applications, so the Grid Network can be isolated and secured. The Client Network can communicate with any subnet reachable through the local gateway.