ILM rule 2 for compliance example: Non-compliant rule

This example ILM rule stores two replicated object copies on Storage Nodes for one year. After that, it moves one object copy to Archive Nodes and stores this copy forever. Because this rule uses Archive Nodes and because it only saves only one object copy from day 365 to forever, it is not compliant and will not apply to the objects in compliant S3 buckets.

Rule definition Example value
Rule Name Non-Compliant Rule: One Copy on Archive Nodes
Tenant Accounts Not specified
Bucket Name Not specified, but will only apply to non-compliant buckets

screenshot of Non-compliant rule: One Copy on Archive Nodes
Rule definition Example value
Reference Time Ingest Time
  • On Day 0, keep two replicated copies on Storage Nodes in Data Center 1 and Data Center 2 for 365 days
  • On Day 365, keep one replicated copy on Archive Nodes forever

screenshot showing Example Non-Compliant Rule Archive Step 2