What the ADC service is

The Administrative Domain Controller (ADC) service authenticates grid nodes and their connections with each other. The ADC service is hosted on each of the first three Storage Nodes at a site.

The ADC service maintains topology information including the location and availability of services. When a grid node requires information from another grid node or an action to be performed by another grid node, it contacts an ADC service to find the best grid node to process its request. In addition, the ADC service retains a copy of the StorageGRID deployment’s configuration bundles, allowing any grid node to retrieve current configuration information.

To facilitate distributed and islanded operations, each ADC service synchronizes certificates, configuration bundles, and information about services and topology with the other ADC services in the StorageGRID system.

In general, all grid nodes maintain a connection to at least one ADC service. This ensures that grid nodes are always accessing the latest information. When grid nodes connect, they cache other grid nodes’ certificates, enabling systems to continue functioning with known grid nodes even when an ADC service is unavailable. New grid nodes can only establish connections by using an ADC service.

The connection of each grid node lets the ADC service gather topology information. This grid node information includes the CPU load, available disk space (if it has storage), supported services, and the grid node’s site ID. Other services ask the ADC service for topology information through topology queries. The ADC service responds to each query with the latest information received from the StorageGRID system.