Adding the appliance to SANtricity Storage Manager

You connect the E2700 controller in the appliance to SANtricity Storage Manager and then add the appliance as a storage array.

Before you begin

About this task

For detailed instructions, see the SANtricity Storage Manager documentation.


  1. Open a web browser, and enter the IP address as the URL for SANtricity Storage Manager:https://E2700_Controller_IP
    The login page for SANtricity Storage Manager appears.
  2. On the Select Addition Method page, select Manual, and click OK.
  3. Select Edit > Add Storage Array.
    The Add New Storage Array - Manual page appears.
    SANtricity Add New Storage Array page
  4. In the Out-of-band management box, enter one of the following values:
    • Using DHCP: The IP address assigned by the DHCP server to management port 1 on the E2700 controller
    • Not using DHCP:
    Note: Only one of the appliance's controllers is connected to SANtricity Storage Manager, so you only need to enter one IP address.
  5. Click Add.