Unpacking the boxes

Before installing the StorageGRID appliance, unpack all boxes and compare the contents to the items on the packing slip.

4U enclosure

SG5660 enclosure, a 4U chassis with 60 drives

DE1600 2U chassis

SG5612 enclosure, a 2U chassis with 12 drives

4U bezel2U Endcaps

4U bezel or 2U endcaps


NL-SAS drives. Drives are preinstalled in the 2U SG5612, but not in the 4U SG5660 for shipment safety.

E5600 controller

E5600SG controller

E2700 controller

E2700 controller

Mounting rail kit

Mounting rails and screws

Enclosure handles

Enclosure handles (4U enclosures only)

Cables and connectors

The shipment for the StorageGRID appliance includes the following cables and connectors:
Power cords

The appliance ships with two AC power cords for connecting to an external power source, such as a wall plug. Your cabinet might have special power cords that you use instead of the power cords that ship with the appliance.

Mini SAS cables

Two 0.5-meter SAS interconnect cables with mini-SAS-HD and mini-SAS connectors.

The square connector plugs into the E2700 controller, and the rectangular connector plugs into the E5600SG controller.