When a Swift client issues a DELETE transaction, a request is made to remove the specified object or container. This message is issued by the server if the transaction is successful.

Code Field Description
CBID Content Block Identifier The unique identifier of the content block requested. If the CBID is unknown, this field is set to 0. Operations on containers do not include this field.
CSIZ Content Size The size of the deleted object in bytes. Operations on containers do not include this field.
HTRH HTTP Request Header List of logged HTTP request header names and values as selected during configuration.
RSLT Result Code Result of the DELETE transaction. Result is always:

SUCS: Successful

SAIP IP address of requesting client The IP address of the client application that made the request.
TIME Time Total processing time for the request in microseconds.
UUID Universally Unique Identifier The identifier of the object within the StorageGRID system.
WACC Swift Account ID The unique account ID as specified by the StorageGRID system.
WCON Swift Container The Swift container name.
WOBJ Swift Object The Swift object identifier. Operations on containers do not include this field.
WUSR Swift Account User The Swift account username that uniquely identifies the client performing the transaction.