IDEL: ILM Initiated Delete

This message is generated when ILM starts the process of deleting an object.

The IDEL message is generated in either of these situations:
Code Field Description
CBID Content Block Identifier The CBID of the object.
CMPA Compliance: Auto delete For objects in compliant S3 buckets only. 0 (false) or 1 (true), indicating whether a compliant object should be deleted automatically when its retention period ends, unless the bucket is under a legal hold.
CMPL Compliance: Legal hold For objects in compliant S3 buckets only. 0 (false) or 1 (true), indicating whether the bucket is currently under a legal hold.
CMPR Compliance: Retention period For objects in compliant S3 buckets only. The length of the object's retention period in minutes.
CTME Compliance: Ingest time For objects in compliant S3 buckets only. The object's ingest time. You can add the retention period in minutes to this value to determine when the object can be deleted from the bucket.
DMRK Delete Marker Version ID The version ID of the delete marker created when deleting an object from a versioned bucket. Operations on buckets do not include this field.
FSIZ File size The size of the object in bytes.
LOCS Locations The storage location of object data within the StorageGRID system. The value for LOCS is “” if the object has no locations (for example, it has been deleted).

CLEC: for erasure-coded objects, the erasure coding profile ID and the erasure coding group ID that is applied to the object’s data.

CLDI: for replicated objects, the LDR node ID and the volume ID of the object's location.

CLNL: ARC node ID of the object’s location if the object data is archived.

PATH S3 Bucket/Key or Swift Container/Object ID The S3 bucket name and S3 key name, or the Swift container name and Swift object identifier.
RSLT Result The result of the ILM operation.

SUCS: The ILM operation was successful.

RULE Rules Label
  • If an object in a compliant S3 bucket is being deleted automatically because its retention period has expired, this field is blank.
  • If the object is being deleted because there are no more placement instructions that currently apply to the object, this field shows the human-readable label of the last ILM rule that applied to the object.

UUID Universally Unique Identifier The identifier of the object within the StorageGRID system.