GNRG: GNDS Registration

The CMN service generates this audit message when a service has updated or registered information about itself in the StorageGRID system.

Code Field Description
RSLT Result The result of the update request:
  • SUCS: Successful
  • SUNV: Service Unavailable
  • GERR: Other failure
GNID Node ID The node ID of the service that initiated the update request.
GNTP Device Type The grid node's device type (for example, BLDR for an LDR service).
GNDV Device Model version The string identifying the grid node's device model version in the DMDL bundle.
GNGP Group The group to which the grid node belongs (in the context of link costs and service-query ranking).
GNIA IP Address The grid node's IP address.

This message is generated whenever a grid node updates its entry in the Grid Nodes Bundle.