System audit messages

You should be familiar with audit messages belonging to the system audit category. These are events related to the auditing system itself, grid node states, system-wide task activity (grid tasks), and service backup operations, so that you can address potential issues.

Code Message title and description See
ECOC Corrupt Erasure Coded Data Fragment: Indicates that a corrupt erasure coded data fragment has been detected. ECOC: Corrupt Erasure Coded Data Fragment
ETAF Security Authentication Failed: A connection attempt using Transport Layer Security (TLS) failed. ETAF: Security Authentication Failed
GNRG GNDS Registration: A service updated or registered information about itself in the StorageGRID system. GNRG: GNDS Registration
GNUR GNDS Unregistration: A service has unregistered itself from the StorageGRID system. GNUR: GNDS Unregistration
GTED Grid Task Ended: The CMN service finished processing the grid task. GTED: Grid Task Ended
GTST Grid Task Started: The CMN service started to process the grid task. GTST: Grid Task Started
GTSU Grid Task Submitted: A grid task was submitted to the CMN service. GTSU: Grid Task Submitted
IDEL ILM Initiated Delete: This audit message is generated when ILM starts the process of deleting an object. IDEL: ILM Initiated Delete
LLST Location Lost: This audit message is generated when a location is lost. LLST: Location Lost
OLST Object Lost: A requested object cannot be located within the StorageGRID system. OLST: System Detected Lost Object
ORLM Object Rules Met: Object data is stored as specified by the ILM rules. ORLM: Object Rules Met
SADD Security Audit Disable: Audit message logging was turned off. SADD: Security Audit Disable
SADE Security Audit Enable: Audit message logging has been restored. SADE: Security Audit Enable
SVRF Object Store Verify Fail: A content block failed verification checks. SVRF: Object Store Verify Fail
SVRU Object Store Verify Unknown: Unexpected object data detected in the object store. SVRU: Object Store Verify Unknown
SYSD Node Stop: A shutdown was requested. SYSD: Node Stop
SYST Node Stopping: A service initiated a graceful stop. SYST: Node Stopping
SYSU Node Start: A service started; the nature of the previous shutdown is indicated in the message. SYSU: Node Start
VLST User Initiated Volume Lost: The /proc/CMSI/Volume_Lost command was run. VLST: User Initiated Volume Lost